Online Store Owner Travels 530 Miles To Beat Up A Female Customer

An online shop owner in east China has traveled over 530 miles to attack a female customer who complained about his service.

Xiao Die, the customer, was beaten into a concussion by the seller after she complained to an e-commerce site that her purchase had not arrived.

She was hit in the face, body and pushed onto the floor by the man who claimed he had traveled a day and night to teach the woman a lesson.

store owner attacks customer

Mr Zhang meets Xiao Die in at the pickup collection point but he punches her in the face

store owner attacks customer

He said to have travelled over 500 miles to pay revenge on Xiao Die’s complaint to his shop

According to Zhengzhou Evening Post, Xiao Die purchased 300 yuan (£34) worth of clothes on December 20 from Alibaba’s Taobao, a Chinese online shopping platform, and noticed the order has not been dispatched after three days.

The assault took place at a delivery pickup point in Zhengzhou, Henan Province on December 27.

Nearby surveillance camera footage captured the moment a man approached Xiao Die with a bag and soon beat the woman up on the street.

An onlooker can be seen standing close and watching the incident, however, he did not stop the attack.

Xiao Die believed man to be Mr. Zhang, the online shop owner, who has been sending harassing messages to her.

She received a message stating ‘I can destroy you’ on December 23, shortly after she filed a complaint to Taobao.

She also received an anonymous call from Suzhou in east China, claiming himself to be a seller.

Xiao Die suffered a concussion, fractures in her left elbow and light injuries over her face and body after the attack.

store owner attacks customer

Xiao Die files a complaint to Taobao for a delay in delivery of her £34 purchase in December

store owner attacks customer

She is found to have several injuries over her body and also a broken elbow

The man told her that she had traveled a day and a night to Zhengzhou and he did not mind the complaint.

Erlijiang Police from Zhengzhou managed to track down to the seller’s address and traveled 860km (534 miles) to Suzhou.

They brought Mr. Zhang back to Zhengzhou and arrested him on January 6.

The spokesperson from Taobao told the reporter that it was the year-end clearance when Xiao Die made a purchase from Mr. Zhang’s shop.

‘Mr. Zhang’s ratings were deducted 12 points after Xiao Die’s complaint,’ said the spokesperson.

Mr. Zhang received a 10-day detention and his online shop account was deleted by Taobao after the incident.

Xiao Die is found to have several minor injuries on her chin, under the eye and knees. She also has fractures in her left elbow.

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