A Young Girl Was Being Bullied By These Two Girls. What This Stranger Does Is Beyond Words…

Bullying comes in many forms. A hurtful comment on the school bus, a mean note left in a locker or a scathing Facebook post for everyone to see. While it may look different in each case, bullying is always damaging. A staggering 20 percent – 70 percent of kids have witnessed bullying or been bullied themselves. Bullying causes children to fear school, a place they should love, and inflicts a number of physical ailments including increased stress levels, headaches and weight fluctuation.

Rob Bliss Creative has released an eye-opening PSA that highlights the dangers of bullying while reminding us that we are capable of stopping it. If you or someone you know is being bullied, do not hesitate to seek help. This can be tough since bullies create a feeling of powerlessness, pressuring you to stay silent or else things will get worse. Don’t listen to them. Always remember that you are powerful and you are loved. While we may not be able to eliminate bullying at the national level, we can change how we interact with those around us every day. Here are some useful tips for dealing with bullying in your community.


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