The Reason Why She Attaches Zip Ties To The Front Wheel Of Her Stroller Is Very Clever…

Being a parent is a full-time job, and one of the toughest there is. When you’re trying to raise kids, there’s constantly something new to look out for or be aware of, and your hands are somehow constantly full (and probably sticky). Between diaper bags, snack packs, blankets, toys, and binkies, there’s a lot to hold on to – and that’s not even mentioning the actual baby! Babies these days have so many different accessories and items they need, but one thing that’s been pretty constant has been the stroller.

The need to carry babies around as we travel is an ancient one, but most older methods all involved some variation of strapping the baby onto a parent sort of like a backpack. Baby strollers, also called baby carriages or prams depending on where you’re from, weren’t invented until 1733, when William Kent was commissioned by the Duke of Devonshire to build something he could transport his children in. Kent created a shell-shaped basket on wheels, which could also be pulled by a goat or pony if desired.

Since that time, the humble stroller has seen a lot of evolution. As people’s lifestyles changed, the stroller changed from an ornate luxury item to being much more affordable. The design has also changed to accommodate other needs, such as a tricycle design for parents wanting to get their morning jog in while spending time with their kids, designs to seat multiple children, as well as collapsible designs for easier storage when not in use. Still, as sophisticated as they’ve gotten, there’s always room for improvement. This video shows how you can use just a few simple tricks to really maximize the functionality and ease of use for your stroller.


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