Woman On The Brink Of Suicide Called A Hotline. She Is Stunned When She Hears Her Daughter’s Voice

I volunteer at a suicide hotline. I often take calls from people on the brink of jumping or pulling the trigger. Everyone who calls us is anonymous to us on the caller display.

I worked late one evening and got a call transferred to me from a lesser experienced responder because the person on the phone was very nonresponsive to questions and apparently said they had a gun in their hands.

When I picked up the phone and asked what their name was, I immediately recognized my mom’s voice when she said her name.

Funnily enough, she mentioned that I sounded familiar, like her son, I asked if that was a problem to her because then I could hand her over to my colleague.

She told me “No, at least I feel like I’m confessing to a person I love.”

Then she went on about her failed adulthood. A husband she didn’t love anymore. Rapes by her now-deceased father etc.

It was tough just sitting there and receive the burdens of a lifetime dumped onto you by your own mother.

We talked for about 2 hours, and she put away her gun (I heard it releasing the mag) and hung up.

I called my dad right after asking him where mom was. She had apparently just walked in the door when I called. Knowing their house, she must’ve been in the shed (dad’s man cave).

I didn’t know if she knew it was me or not. But she hasn’t mentioned anything, and I’m not going to.


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