Surrogate Mother Makes A Stunning Decision That Will Touch Your Heart

Some of the most important moments of our lives are the ones where we have to make serious choices that arise unexpectedly.

Here’s the story of little Delaney Skye. This beautiful little girl nearly lost her life before it even began, but thanks to the love of her family, she managed to overcome every obstacle that was thrown her way.
Andrea Ott-Dahl (pictured on the left) was already a proud mom. ┬áHer good friends were having trouble conceiving, and she graciously volunteered to surrogate for them. That’s just the kind of person that she is.

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 1

After a few delays, the surrogate procedures worked, and everyone involved was ecstatic when Andrea finally got pregnant with a little girl.

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 2

Unfortunately, the celebrations were short-lived when the doctors detected some irregularities in the ultrasound imagery. After a little more research and investigation, they realized that the baby had Down Syndrome. There was also a significant risk she’d be born blind or deaf, and severely autistic. Doctors informed the families that they couldn’t even be sure if the baby would survive at all.

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 3

Andrea’s friends, the baby’s future parents, were no longer excited. They didn’t want the hassle and potential heartbreak that accompanied this child, and even asked┬áher to terminate the pregnancy. It took a lot of soul-searching for her, but ultimately, she decided that she was going to keep the baby and raise it herself.

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 4

This is baby Delaney. For the first few days after she was born, her life consisted of scars, tubes, monitors, and constant supervision. It was still uncertain if she’d make it …

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 5

Luckily, Delaney was born with the spirit of a warrior. After several operations, doctors said she could go home with Andrea in 10 days. Turns out, this little fighter only needed half that time! She almost looks like she’s consoling her mom in this picture, letting her know she’s coming home soon.

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 6

In the time since, Delaney has progressed in leaps and bounds. She’s aging at an average rate and is hitting all the major milestones. She’s even surpassing some “normal” kids her age for certain skills!

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 7

She loves to read with her big brothers …

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 8

… and enjoying some fun in the sun with her mom!

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 9

She even got to go to Disneyland recently, and in typical little sibling fashion, annoyed her big sis to get up early so they could maximize time at the park.

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 10

Here she is taking a nap with grandpa. Awwwwwwwww!

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 11

Delaney is not a “Down Syndrome girl.” She’s a bright, bubbly, loving, beautiful little girl. Seriously, try telling me that smile doesn’t just light up your day.

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 12

A lot of parents choose to terminate Down Syndrome pregnancies, but we are so glad this story turned out the way it did.

surrogate mom down syndrome baby 13

Check out this video of Delaney taking her first steps at 14 months old!


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