Here Is What Happens When You Go Swimming In The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, which shares a border with Israel and Jordan, has long been one of world’s most well-known salt lakes. Yes, that’s right – it’s not actually a “sea” though it certainly is impressively large. Its unique name comes from the fact that the incredibly high concentration of salt (34%) in its waters is a hostile environment for most plants and animals.

This is not to say, however, that the Dead Sea is entirely devoid of life. Certain species of algae and microbacterial life forms call it their home, and of course you’re going to run into plenty of humans thanks to the tourist trade. The area has attracted visitors for centuries because the high salt content (and subsequently higher density of the water) results in a rather curious phenomenon – it’s virtually impossible to sink in these waters. As this and many other similar videos show, floating in the waters of the Dead Sea is entirely effortless. Even 14-pound bowling balls float as if they were rubber inflatables.

If you’re planning on swimming in these waters just remember one thing: if you dip your head below the surface, you do so at your own risk. The high salt content does wonders for your skin but will severely irritate your eyes, nostril and mouth.


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