Taylour Paige Reveals on Instagram That She’s Engaged

taylour paige

Taylour Paige may be best known for her role as Jean “Jonesy” Jones on VH1’s Hit the Floor, but she also starred in movies such as Zola and Boogie.

Taylour has finally found love! The singer took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 9th, with an exciting update. She announced that she was engaged and plans for the future- both in marriage and how it will affect her career goals: “I would like my wedding dress and boudoir sessions together,” said Taylor, who added, “It’s so exciting!”

Who is Taylour Paige’s fiancé?

Taylour has revealed her engagement ring in a picture on Instagram. She is seen hugging and holding onto her partner with an arm affectionately wrapped around his neck and shoulders while smiling ear-to-ear for the camera.

taylour paige

Taylour’s hand extended into the air, with her engagement ring on full display. In this next picture, she clutches a book close to herself and again shows us her beautiful diamond sparkler.

taylour paige

Many people comment on her photo thread, some with congratulations and others offering support. The most popular comment reads: “What? Best news ever! So much love to you both!”

This person is right. When someone cherishes you and doesn’t want to live life without your presence, it’s clear that they care about what happens next for the two of us.

The third user jokingly added, “Is this an advertisement? Or you getting married. Both ways, we’re cheering for your success!”

Taylour’s mystery man has yet to be identified. She didn’t tag his username in the announcement post, but she did Tag Tiffany & Co., where he likely bought her engagement ring for their upcoming marriage.

taylour paige

Taylour Paige’s Past Relationship

The family of Taylour’s ex-boyfriend has been involved in a custody battle since her famous love interest, Jesse Williams, was granted legal separation from his wife, Aryn Drake-lee. As it stands now, the two children live with him, but there is still much anger between all parties concerned over what will happen when they become adults and leave home for good.

Jesse was accused of cheating on Aryn with another actress named Minka Kelly, but he denied that there had ever been any overlap. Then things got official and out in the open- literally.

taylour paige

When he first met her at the Emmy party, she was just a stranger who would become his new love interest. They crossed paths for only one night before making their red carpet debut in 2019, and it’s obvious that this man had moved on from all of those divorce drama club memberships with cheating allegations running through him like wildfire back then.

Jesse and Taylour’s relationship ended early in 2021, but it is unclear how long she was single between ending things with Jesse and meeting her current fiancé.

taylour paige