Parents Furious Over Security Footage Of A Kindergarten Teacher Grabbing Child’s Face

If there’s one thing a parent should never have to worry about when sending their children off to school it’s that the teachers would be abusive. No one ever expects to have their trust betrayed like that and no one should be teaching when they’re that burnt out, but the world is what it is. The most we can do is to keep an eye out for anything unusual, but that won’t stop the problem until it’s already too late. With more cases like the one Barb Williams is involved in coming to light it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to trust anyone in a position of power these days.

Barb Williams was a kindergarten teacher in Riverdale, Ohio who has probably dealt with more kids in her tenure than I’ve ever even dreamed of, but she is still a human being after all and can eventually get worn out from it. That seems to be the case here, because there’s no other explanation for what this woman does to six-year-old Ian Nelson. After the student goes to the bathroom this security footage reveals that Williams went after him and slammed him against the wall. What follows after that just seems more than a little illogical.

This is the type of story no parent wants to be directly involved with, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life currently. Until we can figure out a way to bring in the people that really want to teach without forcing them to be destitute in the process we’ll always have burnt out people working in our schools. A lot has to change to fix the world and where better place to start than the people who teach our children?


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