Teacher Created The Most Epic Classroom, But Look Very Closely At What Is Behind The Door…

Stephanie Stephens is a teacher for sixth through eighth graders at James L. Capps Middle School in Oklahoma City.  She teaches special needs students, and began thinking about the upcoming school year.  She knew that many of her students would be coming to her with difficulties in math and English.

So, she decide to spice things up a bit.  Stephanie turned to her favorite book for inspiration, and created a truly a classroom that kids and adults are sure to love. Check it out.

If you’re a “Harry Potter” fan, that 9 ¾ on the door is probably getting you really excited, but just wait…

harry potter themed classroom 1

Inside is an entire Potter-themed room!

harry potter themed classroom 2

It’s awesome and magical, but why did she do it? As Stephanie explained: “One of the toughest things as a reading teacher is instilling a love of reading in students that don’t like it. This year, I chose to go with a Harry Potter theme because if I’m excited and enthusiastic, students tend to follow suit.”

harry potter themed classroom 3

The room cost her over $400 of her own money, but a school year filled with students eager to learn is well worth the expense.

harry potter themed classroom 4

And you can tell she is a true fan – just look at Fluffy guarding the shred box!

harry potter themed classroom 5

There’s also a nook for Hedweig …

harry potter themed classroom 6

A box full of paper for Scabbers …

harry potter themed classroom 7

And a special spot for prefects (that’s class leaders for all you Muggles).

harry potter themed classroom 8

One of her students favorite touches are the “potions.” They might just be water and glitter, but they make a great palate cleanser after a hard day of learning.

harry potter themed classroom 9

Best of all? The Potter theme doesn’t end here. Stephanie plans to read one chapter of the book to her students each week, as well as provide art and math projects based on their place in the narrative.

harry potter themed classroom 10

It sounds like a fun and truly educational year. Dumbledore would definitely approve of this amazing teacher who went the extra mile.

harry potter themed classroom 11


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