17 Tips To Help You Expand Your Small Kitchen, Without Actually Adding An Inch Of Space

tiny kitchen hacks 1

A tiny kitchen is the bane of apartment dwellers – the less space you have, the harder it is to keep everything organized and in its own place. As tempting as it can be to just let the mess spread across the counters, you can find solutions for even the tiniest kitchen. Here are 17 ways to hack an itty bitty kitchen with great big results.

1. Don’t let the inside of your cabinet doors off the hook: they’re handy storage for small items.

tiny kitchen hacks

2. An over the sink cutting board streamlines washing, cutting and rinsing.

tiny kitchen hacks 2

3. Those fake drawers are wasted space. Pry off the door and install a paper towel rack instead.

tiny kitchen hacks 3

4. Go up to the ceiling with your wall space. Especially for items you’ll only use seasonally or for special occasions.

tiny kitchen hacks 4

5. A pegboard can be constantly customized to fit your needs. 

tiny kitchen hacks 5

6. A lazy susan inside a corner drawer keeps you from knocking over items to reach something in the back.

tiny kitchen hacks 6

7. Dish rack over your sink? Priceless.

tiny kitchen hacks 7

8. Knife blocks are so gross – they’re a breeding ground for bacteria. Instead, keep your blades sharp and organized with a magnetic strip.

tiny kitchen hacks 8

9. Speaking of magnets, these magnetized storage bins look great on the fridge and keep spices close at hand.

tiny kitchen hacks 9

10. Installing rolling shelves in your cabinet space provides easy access to the whole shelf, so things don’t get lost in the back.

tiny kitchen hacks 10

11. Don’t forget about a pull out cutting board. Even if you don’t use it for your primary cutting board (if it’s old and gross), it’s extra counter space when you need it.

tiny kitchen hacks 11

12. Command hooks and a mesh basket keep cleaning materials within easy reach and let them air dry completely.

tiny kitchen hacks 12

13. A hanging bar and some S-hooks look great and are so much better than a cluttered countertop.

tiny kitchen hacks 13

14. A storage cart looks adorable and keeps pots and pans out of your way with a gentle push to the side.

tiny kitchen hacks 14

15. A fold-out kitchen table gives you a breakfast nook when you need it and extra space when you don’t.

tiny kitchen hacks 15

16. A recessed power outlet seems like a small step, but it streamlines your wall and gives several precious inches of space back.

tiny kitchen hacks 16

17. Fill a wall-mounted food dispenser with everyday essentials like cereal, snacks and coffee beans and you’ll never spill again.

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