Tortoise Gets A Second Chance At Life With The First Ever 3-D Printed Shell

A tortoise’s shell is extremely important for its survival. The hard outer shell acts as a suit of armor against dangerous predators, and protects the tortoise’s softer body underneath. So when one tortoise’s shell was destroyed in a forest fire, her chances of survival looked extremely grim.

But thankfully, someone was there to help with a brilliant idea.

This tortoise named Freddy was recently caught in a bush fire in Brazil. Though she survived the fire, her shell was completely destroyed.

Tortoise 3D Printed Shell 1

That’s when a group of scientists stepped in. Since Freddy couldn’t live without her shell, they decided to make her a new one.

Tortoise 3D Printed Shell 2

The pioneering rescue group, which calls itself the Animal Avengers, consists of four vets, a dental surgeon, and a 3D designer.

Tortoise 3D Printed Shell 3

After taking detailed photos of Freddy, they used a cutting-edge 3D printer to create a brand-new shell based on the tortoise’s specific shape and size.

Tortoise 3D Printed Shell 4

The finished product — the first-ever 3D-printed tortoise shell — was a perfect fit!

Tortoise 3D Printed Shell 5

To help Freddy blend into her surroundings, a volunteer artist added a final touch to the shell: a beautiful, authentic-looking coat of paint.

Tortoise 3D Printed Shell 6

Thanks to these revolutionary Animal Avengers, Freddy the tortoise can now roam free, with a brand-new, custom-made suit of armor on her back.

Tortoise 3D Printed Shell 7

Freddy is one happy tortoise!


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