Principal Reprimanded Her For The Most Outrageous Reason

I once got my period unexpectedly at a school dance in 8th grade. I walked around and whispered to the girls to try to find someone who had a tampon or pad to save me from the toilet paper in the panties trick.

The following Monday during a break a boy bugged me for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what I was whispering about. I kept telling him “You don’t want to know.. it’s not important,” but he would not let up. So finally I looked at him and said: “If you have to know I started my period and needed a tampon.” He, of course, looked disgusted and shut up. The principal walked out of the classroom we were in front of (female principal) and asked me to go to the office. Everyone did the “Ooooh someone’s in trouble,” thing kids do but I said “No I’m not,” because I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything I did wrong.

She told the whole line that I was in trouble and took me to the office to lecture me for telling a boy about my “personal” business. I sat there and took it until she asked if I understood. I apologized and told her I was not taught to be ashamed of a bodily function I have absolutely no control over and was released to class 20 minutes late.

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