Creative Ways To Upcycle Watering Cans

If you have a love for gardening, then you’ve probably spent countless hours every summer tending to your plants and flowers. An essential component to keeping your plants happy and healthy is making sure they are properly nourished and hydrated – which is where the watering can comes into the picture.

Despite their relatively simple job, watering cans are not immune to wear and tear. Especially if you have metal ones, they can start rusting over time, rendering them unsuitable for watering your plants any further. When that time comes, you don’t have to throw away your watering can. You’ll be happy to know that there are actually many fantastic ways to make good use of them through upcycling. Here are just a few ways to repurpose this versatile gardening essential:

Cascading Fountain

Upcycle Watering Cans 1

If you have steps in your garden and a few watering cans to spare, then this cascading fountain would be perfect for you. They go well with any garden theme, and the soothing sound of trickling water will be like music to your ears.


Upcycle Watering Cans 2

A large watering can makes for a nice, cozy birdhouse for your tiny feathered friends. Simply cover one side of it with a sheet of metal to make a roof, and then hang the structure on its side.

Rustic Centerpiece

Upcycle Watering Cans 3

Particularly if you’re going with a rustic theme for your wedding, old watering cans make the perfect centerpiece holders. Simply place floral arrangements or succulents into the opening of the can, and you will have perfect, elegant centerpieces that all the guests will want to take home with them.

Lampshade Base

Upcycle Watering Cans 4

If gardening is your passion, then proudly let it show in your home with garden-themed decor. For example, use an old watering can to make the base of your lampshade. You can even spray-paint it your favorite color to match the rest of the room.


Upcycle Watering Cans 5

If you want to change up your run-of-the-mill mailbox, then why not give your old watering can another chance to shine again? It’s really the perfect way to show your love for gardening.

Upcycled Planter

Upcycle Watering Cans 6

Your watering can may not be able to provide your plants with water anymore, but they can still provide them with support by becoming a planter. You won’t have to waste money on pots, and you won’t have to throw away that beautiful watering can that you’ve had for years. Win-win!

Garden Decoration

Upcycle Watering Cans 7

A watering can will always make a great decoration in your garden – it fits right into the theme! This gorgeous piece was made with an old watering can and strings of crystals that “pour” out of the spout, creating a glistening waterfall cascading down the watering can. What a beauty!

Suspended Flower Planters

Upcycle Watering Cans 8

This impressive decoration idea is perfect for weddings. By suspending these watering cans full of elegant floral arrangements, you will create a magical ambience that is reminiscent of something out of a fairy tale.

Perfect Rainspout

Upcycle Watering Cans 9

Who would have thought that rainspouts could be spruced up as well? Give the side of your house a little pizzazz with this cute watering-can rainspout idea. It will look so perfect hanging over your side garden!

Mosaic Garden Art

Upcycle Watering Cans 10

Turn an obsolete watering can into a beautiful piece of art like this impressive mosaic art structure. It totally adds a touch of magic to your garden utopia.

Unique Showerhead

Upcycle Watering Cans 11

If you’ve ever wondered how flowers feel when you water them with a watering can, you can actually find out for yourself! This awesome showerhead makes use of the pour spout to mimic a regular showerhead, but it looks so much cooler than the ones that come with prefab houses.

Post Base

Upcycle Watering Cans 12

If you want to put up a temporary sign without leaving a gaping hole in the ground, then you should use an old watering can as a post base. Stick your sign into the opening of the watering can, then fill the rest of the space with rocks to keep it sturdy.


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