She Applies Vicks To A Cotton Ball And Puts It In Her Ears. The Result Is Surprising…

Vicks is a common over-the-counter medication brand that most of us are familiar with. One of their most popular products, VapoRub, has brought many of us relief during a bad cold or when we suffer from a particularly stuffy nose. When we’re sick, we reach for our trusty container of VapoRub and rub it on our chest or our backs before drifting off to sleep. It usually helps soothe our symptoms so that we can sleep more comfortably through the night.

However, there are less common uses for VapoRub that many people swear by. While they may not seem like conventional approaches, these methods seem to make a lot of sense. From potty-training pets to fighting acne, these seemingly unusual uses for VapoRub are definitely worth trying out for yourself.

Relieve Migraines
uses of vicks
The next time your head or temples are throbbing, try rubbing some VapoRub on your forehead. The menthol will help to alleviate the pressure in your head.

Remedy Colds
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Traditionally, people have rubbed VapoRub on their chests and backs to relieve symptoms of a cold. Some people, however, insist that applying VapoRub on the feet is even more effective. Just in case your feet in a pair of socks after the application, and you should feel better overnight.

Potty-Training Pets
uses of vicks
Generally, cats and dogs are quite averse to the smell of VapoRub and will avoid an open jar of the product. That’s why vets will recommend that you put an open jar of VapoRub in problem areas around the house – wherever your pets tend to go to the bathroom. Just make sure to consult a vet first in case your pet has an adverse reaction to the product.

Eliminating Stretch Marks

Because VapoRub contains menthol and other natural oil ingredients, it makes for a safe and effective way to heal stretch marks on the skin. “It really helps to accelerate not only the toning down of the bright colors of the stretch mark, but it helps finally have them fade and usually heals them up totally,” says Dr. Doug Willen.

Repelling Bugs
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VapoRub is a fantastic alternative to using chemical-ridden sprays to repel insects. Simply rub it on any exposed areas of skin to deter bites during your next outdoor excursion. Additionally, you can also position opened jars of VapoRub around any eating areas so that you can enjoy an outdoor meal without the hindrance of flies.

Easing Muscle Pain
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The medicinal properties of the menthol contained within VapoRub is known to help with the relaxation of muscle tissue. It can increase circulation and provide aching and overworked muscles with the relief that it needs.

Fighting Acne
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Most of us have been plagued with acne at one time or another. For some, it is a constant, chronic battle with these blemishes. VapoRub has been demonstrated to effectively fight against any kind of acne, including cystic acne. Simply apply some VapoRub on problem areas before bed, and your skin should be cleared up by morning.

Combatting Toenail Fungus

uses of vicks
With the warmer weather finally settling in, many people are looking forward to wearing flip-flops and open-toed shoes again. However, some individuals may hesitate to do so if they are suffering from having toenail fungus. It is believed that VapoRub can help kill the fungus and eliminate the discoloration that often accompanies this problem. advises to “work the medicated Vicks salve into your infected toenails and the surrounding nail bed” and to “let your feet breathe uncovered.”

Deterring Cat Scratches

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Similar to the potty-training technique, you can use cats’ aversion to VapoRub to discourage them from scratching up furniture and people. Simply rub a small amount of VapoRub on any problem areas around the house – or on your arms and legs – and your kitty will likely stay away from those places. Don’t forget to ensure that your cat will not have any negative reactions to the VapoRub beforehand.

Relieving Earaches
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Earaches can plague any of us from time to time. For the relief of a mild earache, try applying a small amount of VapoRub on a cotton ball, then put it in your ear. Leave it in for a few hours, and repeat this several times throughout the day.
uses of vicks
Keep in mind, however, that this can help alleviate the pain but will not combat against an ear infection. So, if the pain persists, make sure that you consult a medical professional.

Removing Ticks
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