15 Watercolor Marble Nail Designs That You Will Definitely Want To Try

Water marble nails are in fashion right now. You probably are a little intimidated to try this but really, it’s simple.

All water marble nails are uniquely different and no two will ever look the same.

The technique is EVERYTHING.

Cover your fingers with tape before dipping them in water and prevents messes. Work slowly, and with patience. You will still have to do some clean-up around the nail beds after.

1. Red, yellow, and black

This is a fiery water marble look perfect for rocking the night.

water marble nails

2. Metallic blues

These colors are perfectly cool!

water marble nails

3. Bumblebee design

Water marble nails turn out bright and bold.

water marble nails

4. Bright pink and white

These are fun, flirty nails that would compliment any outfit.

water marble nails

5. Rainbow

These marble nails are a perfect example of what’s you can do with some dedicated practice.

water marble nails

6. Ocean waves

These cool blues swirls will transport you to the ocean.

water marble nails

7. Teal and purple

This a super fun mix of colors! The manicure is so bright and bold.

water marble nails

8. Bright green and yellow

The colors are so vivid!

water marble nails

9. Black, maroon, and silver sprinkles

These water marble nails are so stylish and can be worn to any formal event.

water marble nails

10. Pink flower pops

Here’s another stellar example of twater marbling your nails.

water marble nails

11. Teal, purple, and green with sparkle stamp

See the tiny web of sparkles over the marble print? It’s done with a stamp!

water marble nails

12. Purples and pinks

Water marble nail designs work incredibly well with longer nails.

water marble nails

13. Pops of pink, teal, and white

This mani is fun and light while still being stylish.

water marble nails

14. Creamsicle design

These nails look like candy.

water marble nails

15. Primary colors

This loud mani speaks volumes about your personality, great for school teachers too!

water marble nails

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