Rare Weather Event Caught On Camera Is Something You’d Never Want To Experience

Weather patterns are responsible for some of the most fascinating events in nature. When the conditions are just right, something as common as an ordinary downpour can turn into an amazing rare phenomenon.

But one strange weather pattern is taking the world by storm, and quite literally. It’s called a rain bomb, and it’s like something straight out of a sci-fi movie!

This extraordinary occurrence is a beautiful and destructive weather event known as a “rain bomb.” More commonly known as a microburst, a rain bomb happens when a cooled heavy column of air sinks suddenly in the middle of a storm. This downdraft pulls the water droplets down with it with tremendous force. When the air hits the ground, it’s pushed outward in a curling motion, causing winds of up to 150 mph and bringing crushing torrents of rain. This outflow makes the event look like a bomb from far away. Some people also describe microbursts as an “upside-down tornado.” Microbursts reach areas of no more than 2.5 miles across, and they come and go quickly, making them extremely rare. But this storm chaser in Arizona was lucky enough to capture a rain bomb in action!


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