Whale’s Reaction After Being Rescued By This Man Is Unbelievably Heartwarming

When it comes to whale lovers, you might not find a more passionate one than James Moskito. James is a diver and volunteer animal activist. One day, his team came across a whale off the coast of California that was in serious need of help. The large animal had gotten tangled in ropes that were attached to a 3,000-pound anchor hanging from its tail. When James and his team first arrived, things didn’t look good, but they were determined to help. When he retells the story, he says:

“Some of the individual ropes went into the blubber two or three inches deep. I put my hand on the whale and I told the whale, ‘Okay. This is gonna hurt.’ The whale was so cooperative, it would open its mouth and a guy would put his hand up inside of it and pull pieces of rope out of the baleen, one by one.” 

After five long hours, the ropes were finally all cut off and the whale was free, and that’s when something truly amazing happened. The whale swam to the bottom of the sea and then back up towards James. According to his story, the whale stopped right in front of him, and like a puppy, waited for James to pet him. To hear what happened after that, you can watch the video below to see James describe an encounter he’ll never forget. 


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