Two Beverage Favorites Collide In The New “Wine Coffee” That Has The Internet Buzzing

The newest invention for wine and coffee drinkers: wine coffee.

Now you can pair your two favorite beverages: Coffee and wine. Molinari Café in Napa, California is now serving the delicious drink. Roaster John Weaver supplies the beans for the drink. Molinari’s website says it is full-bodied coffee that “relaxes in a beautiful wine, absorbing the wine’s nose and history.” Then the coffee is carefully dried and hand-roasted in small batches.

wine coffee

The coffee tastes “rich” and “full-bodied” and of “small dark fruit” such blueberries, according to professional tasters.

In the 1970s flavored coffee became popular with the rise of Starbucks, and the trend continues today. Starbucks sells multiple flavors in store and for brewing at home.

Molinari Café appears to be onto something new.  This is the first time coffee beans have been soaked in wine before brewing.

You can buy the wine-infused coffee online for $19.95 for a half-pound bag. Pretty soon,  expect to see small coffee shops selling their own versions.

wine coffee

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