Incredible Body Painting Transforms People Into Animals

Humans have painted their bodies with temporary paint since our earliest history. There are places in the world where bodypaint is still an important part of rites and rituals, but most modern bodypainting is done for the purely aesthetic pleasure of admiring the artwork.

An incredible piece titled “The Wolf” is currently stunning people around the world via a video posted to the artist’s YouTube channel. A lone wolf howls before a snowy backdrop, with sounds of a moaning wind completing the effect. When the wolf falls silent, the models separate to reveal how they had been positioned and painted to create the beautiful wolf.

Johannes St├Âtter, the artist who created the work, is a completely self-taught bodypainter who has won several world championship bodypainting competitions since first displaying his work in 2009. He is well-known for his nature-based work, painting bodies of all shapes and sizes to blend in with trees, rocks, animals and fruits.

The 2016 World Bodypainting Festival will be held July 1-3 in picturesque W├Ârthersee, Austria, with the musical theme of “Bodies and Beats.” The Festival includes several bodypainting workshops, a zombie crawl and the 19th World Championship bodypainting contest.


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