She Dressed Up As A Maid. But When She Starts To Spin, She Transforms Into This…

Clothing is a part of everyday life. While some people are dedicated to perfecting their looks, usually it stops short of working for hours on an over-the-top look. Women like this winged one and Cinderella, however, are not just everyone else; they make wearable magic.

If this spinning quick change isn’t impressive enough on its own, you’ll definitely be shocked when you learn who’s behind it. A Utah teen, who goes by the moniker Bubbly Bee, designed and sewed this piece all on her own. A dedicated cosplayer (someone who is dedicated to costume play), Bee has wowed with her creations since 2013. In her short career, she has won first place for her Merida and Coronation Anna costumes and a Judge’s Choice award for this Cinderella outfit.


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