20-Year-Old Russian Has The Face Of A Doll But Wait Until You See Her Body

Don’t let her doll face fool you, Julia Vins is a powerful young woman. The 20-year-old is a powerlifter who started the sport to improve her self-esteem when she was 15. One of the coaches at the gym saw she had talent and the potential to become a competitive weightlifter.

Julia may be known as “Muscle Barbie” but she is very confident of who she is. “I have these big, beautiful eyes and wear make-up. But at the same time, I’m strong,” says Julia. The Russian is often criticized for choosing a sport deemed unfeminine but Julia sees it as her true calling.

She’s more than just a Barbie face.

Julia Vins is your typical 20-year-old who loves fashion and hanging out with her muscle friends.

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She works hard for that body.

Julia trains four times a week, anywhere from three to five hours at a time.

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Nutrition is important.

She eats about five to six small meals a day to keep up with her rigorous training.

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She keeps it simple.

Her meals usually consist of chicken, rice, vegetables, cheese, and eggs.

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Instagram popular.

Her strong and muscular physique has earned her a strong 200,000 followers. And the numbers keep growing.

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Not everyone is on board.

The 20-year-old receives both a lot of admiration and criticism for choosing this sport.

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It’s her life.

“There will always be people who respect my choice, or simply adequately explain why they don’t agree with it, but there is nothing to be gained by trying to defame someone who is following their dream,” explains Julia.

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She might be only 5″3 but it’s all muscle.

She can deadlift almost 400LBS.

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She’s making a name for herself.

She won the 2014 World Powerlifting Championships in Moscow, Russia.

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Record maker.

She also broke three world records in squat, bench press, and deadlift.

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Take her seriously.

“I’m no ordinary doll. I hope everyone finds their true calling in life like I did,” says Julia.

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Her beginnings.

She was born in Engels, Russia on May 21, 1996.

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She’s not done.

“I want to become as big as possible,” explains the athlete.

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More than just a pretty face.

“Because of my facial features, people have always said I look like a doll. And I was a good, academic girl for so many years. I studied music, was well-read, participated in various school competitions and was skilled at art,” explains Julia.

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She wanted more out of life.

Julia says she, “never felt like I had any particular objective in life. My body was not in harmony with my soul – it wasn’t the right one for me.”

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Defining what being feminine means.

The über athlete still likes to wear make-up and get dressed-up.

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Fashion is hard when you weight lift.

Despite wanting to be stylish and chic, it can be a bit complicated for Julia. “I like fashion too but it’s very difficult to find nice clothes as my size is not standard,” she explains.

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All on her own.

Julia admits her parents are not involved in her sports career.

young woman body builder 18

She is stronger than ever.

Life has not always been easy but Julia relies on her training to keep her strong and focused.

young woman body builder 19

No other life.

“I don’t like to think of what I would have become if I wasn’t muscle Barbie,” explains Julia.

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