10 Distress Signs From Our Body That We Should All Be Aware Of

Our body is a smart and sophisticated system and every time when it finds itself in trouble, it sends us signals in order to do something about it.

Learn these 10 signals and don’t ignore them:

Finger Color Changes

body distress signs


If your fingers often change their color, be aware that this may be a sign of a very serious condition. This could be a symptom of Reynaud’s Syndrome. With this condition, low temperatures provoke spasms in the blood vessels, and this leads to a different coloration of the fingers.

Stomach Grumbling

Sound or rumbling appears often in our stomach. But, if it appears too often, this is not a good sign, especially if it’s followed by pain. In this case, go to your doctor immediately. It can indicate a number of different things, including an ulcer.

Skin Peeling

Peeling skin indicates the lack of certain vitamins. This problem can be easily solved. But, in case this unpleasant symptom is followed by itching, this may be a sign of a fungal infection.

Dark Marks Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes usually appear in case you haven’t slept enough. It’s very important to sleep 7-8 hours continuously every night.

Still, these dark circles can be caused by anemia. This happens because the body is unable to produce an adequate number of red blood cells, and as a result, the skin gets dark.

Loss Of Smell

Loss of smell occurs with aging and as your nervous system is getting old. But, if this happens to a young person, it may be a result of either a cold or a viral infection.

Ears Ringing

Tinnitus or ringing in your ears may be caused by serious health issues. If it happens often and lasts for long periods, you should visit your doctor.

Vision Is Blurry

In case you have problems with your eyesight, for example, if you have issues seeing clearly, this may be a warning you’ve become short-sighted or a sign of astigmatism. The best thing to do is to visit your optician if you find yourself with these issues.

Seeing Dots, Strips, Or Blobs

Blobs may appear in different forms and shapes, as dots, strips, etc. In normal cases, they appear all of a sudden and in front of bright lights. If you are experiencing the blobs more than one week, this may be a sign of cataracts as well as other serious problem with your eyesight.

Eyelids Twitches

If your eyes are overworked, eyelids twitching may happen. To deal with this, put wet cotton pads on your eyelids. If twitching continues to happen, even if your eyelids are not tired, you should visit a neuropathologist. This may be a symptom of a very serious problem.

Shoulder Dislocation

Some people have loose shoulder joints. This may be an indicator of inborn flexible ligaments. This condition may also be caused by an injury. This may be potentially dangerous and lead to serious injuries as well as dislocation.

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