Why Does Naruto Kakashi Wear A Mask?

Earlier this year, one of the major characters from Naruto Kakashi Hatake, removed the mask he typically dons. Following his appearance in 368 episodes, this is the first time we’ve seen Kakashi’s entire face since 1999. If you’re an anime fan, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Masashi Kishimoto’s almost 20-year-old Naruto anime series, whose universe is continually expanding. In the series, Kakashi is infamous for covering his face with a mask (just like what we are wearing now in the age of COVID-19).

The main protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, learns his ninja techniques alongside other Team 7 members Sasuke and Sakura under the guidance and instruction of Kakashi Hatake. Together, these four characters rule the Naruto universe, but none more so than Kakashi with his mask.

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Why Kakashi Wears a Mask is a Subject of Numerous Fan Theories

In fact, there is a whole Reddit thread and a rather in-depth Quora question devoted to figuring out why Kakashi wears a mask. One widely held but swiftly refuted theory says that Kakashi dons a mask because his father passed away while attempting to save his troops. Kakashi covers his face with the mask either to conceal his humiliation or the fact that he remarkably resembles his father. This is one of the less likely theories because Kakashi wore the mask when he was a little boy, before his father passed away.

Reddit users are a little more hostile. One claims that the actual explanation is that “Masashi Kishimoto can only draw three faces at a time, therefore everyone’s face in Naruto looks the same (this is true of most anime and manga due to the style, but it’s especially awful in Naruto)”. Yikes! However, that particular user continues by claiming that Masashi distinguishes between the characters by using various facial accessories, hence Kakashi’s distinguishing feature is his mask.

Other admirers believe that Kakashi is simply too handsome, which is difficult to argue with!

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In a Recent Filler Episode, Kakashi Exposes What’s Hidden Under His Mask

Despite the extensive world-building in Naruto, Kakashi’s unveiling occurred outside the canon of the original series, in a filler episode of Naruto Shippuden after more than 500 episodes and Naruto spinoffs later. What is hidden under Kakashi’s mask? He actually has a rather average appearance, aside from a tiny mole on his chin. Many believed that this disclosure shouldn’t have happened at all if it was going to be so insignificant after such a prolonged buildup.

Kakashi May Be Hiding Behind His Mask for an Unspeakable Cause

Kakashi wears a mask because, according to the Naruto spinoff Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals, he doesn’t want anyone to see him get a nosebleed. While there isn’t any evidence in the Naruto canon to suggest that Kakashi frequently gets nosebleeds, it is a common anime cliché.

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Nosebleeds, according to Sora News, are essentially an indication of arousal or excitement, often sexual. Evidently, this results from the fact that when someone is aroused, their blood pressure increases. However, medical professionals have established that in actual life there is no connection between sexual desire and nosebleeds.

Dr. Kanayama, a Japanese physician, makes the following conjecture: “In the past, people like professional wrestlers would purposefully cause themselves minor cuts on their forehead to increase tension and ambiance in a match. I can only guess that nosebleeds were once used to depict the idea of great stimulation and an excess of energy, and that they have since become the standard technique to do so.”

Although there may never be a definitive canon explanation for why Kakashi wears a mask, nearly every suggestion adds a new dimension to his persona, making Naruto all the more interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Kakashi hides his face?

According to the series, Kakashi always wore a mask over his face because he didn't want to get caught bleeding from his nose. Fans of anime will be aware that a nosebleed is not a sign of damage or disease.

How old is Kakashi in Naruto?

Kakashi is introduced to us in Naruto at the age of 26, and after a 15-year time gap between Naruto Shippuden and Boruto, he is shown to be 46 in that series.

Why is Kakashi so famous?

Kakashi is well-known for using his Sharingan, which he obtained from his colleague Obito Uchiha, and is regarded as the ninja who has imitated over a thousand jutsus, garnering him the nickname "Copy Ninja Kakashi," which is spread throughout the Naruto universe.

Why is Kakashi's eye covered?

Because Kakashi can't instantly activate and deactivate his Sharingan, he hides it behind his Konoha forehead protection. He doesn't have the same level of chakra reserves as a Uchiha member in Naruto, therefore by practicing this, he can reduce the chance of running out of chakra.