Dana White’s Wife Is Anne White, His Middle School Sweetheart

While many people view Dana White as the shrewd businessman who helped the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) expand, the reality is somewhat different in his personal life – especially when it comes to his wife Anne White.

Dana learned that Bob Meyrowitz from Semaphore Entertainment wanted to sell the UFC in 2001 after managing a number of fighters. It was purchased for $2 million by his old buddy Lorenzo Fertitta, then in 2016 it was sold for $4.025 billion.

With a current estimated net worth of over $500 million, his business expertise led him to continue serving as the UFC’s president after Lorenzo sold the organization. Dana shares his earnings with his family outside of the UFC.

Who is the wife of Dana White? He has been married to Anne White, his middle school sweetheart, for many years. Learn more about his personal life and the alleged adulterous litigation he was involved in by reading on.

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Anne White – Dana’s Wife

In the eighth grade, Dana White and Anne White (née Stella) first got to know one another. In 1987, the two of them received their high school diplomas from Maine’s Hermon High School. Approximately at this time, Dana started to take an interest in boxing. Dana continued his education by spending a semester at UMass Boston and Quincy College in Massachusetts, but he never received a degree.

The UFC President stated that he ultimately relocated from Boston to Las Vegas as a result of mob boss Whitey Bulger threatening him over unpaid debts.

Later, Anne White joined him, and the two eventually got married in 1996. They were blessed with sons Dana III and Aidan, as well as daughter Savannah. Dana has bought many mansions in Las Vegas, where they live.

Despite the fact that Anne White occasionally goes to events with her spouse, Anne White is not as well-known as he is. Dana is said to like the privacy of his personal life.

Rumors of Infidelity Have Plagued Dana White for a Long Time

Dana’s desire to shield his wife Anne White from attention may be a result of the tense connection he has with June White, his mother. When June talked about her son in 2011 as part of the promotion for her book Through A Mother’s Eyes: The Dana White Story: An Unauthorized Biography, she said that he frequently had relationships with “ring girls” and even had a relationship with his sister-in-law.

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She continued by calling her son “egotistical” and “self-centered.” Dana remained silent regarding his mother’s critical remarks or the allegations of an affair.

Documents from April 2020 showed that Dana was implicated in a lawsuit about a suspected sex tape extortion scheme.

According to EssentiallySports.com, a man by the name of Ernesto Joshua Ramos said that he struck a deal with Dana in 2016 to keep a private recording of Dana having a sexual encounter with a Brazilian club dancer a secret. The dancer and Dana allegedly had a sexual encounter in 2014, and at the time, the dancer was dating Ernesto. She reportedly filmed the video without Dana’s permission and had been seeing him for a while.

After trying to extort $200,000 from Dana, Ernesto was eventually detained. In April 2020, Ernesto brought a civil complaint against Dana, claiming that the UFC president had paid him off to confess to extortion accusations from years before.

In a statement, Dana denied paying off Ernesto.

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In his statement, he claimed, “I just found out that a bulls–t lawsuit was filed against me yesterday. This guy went to federal prison for trying to extort me over five years ago. Now he’s hired a lawyer who is also a convicted felon, and he’s trying to extort me again for $10 million. He got no money from me last time and he won’t be getting any money from me this time.” He also added, “I look forward to the court dismissing this quickly so I can get rid of these scumbags forever.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Dana White's salary?

Dana White's net worth is estimated to be $500 million by Celebrity Net Worth. An annual salary of $20 million is thought to be Dana White's pay.

Who is the richest UFC fighter?

The highest-paid UFC fighter is Conor McGregor. They received at least $5 million.

How is Dana White so rich?

He held 9% of the business when it was auctioned off in 2016 for slightly over $4 billion to a group of investors led by WME-IMG. Dana White has remained the president of the UFC ever since that sale, and as of 2019, his net worth was estimated to be $500 million.