Who Was Paige Lorenze Dating? Find Out Here 2022

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Tennessee Williams, an American playwright and fan of Glass Menageries, famously said: “There is a moment for departure, even when there is no specific place to go.”

When applied to heart concerns, it acquires a much deeper, more devastating meaning. In essence, Tennessee suggests that it is much preferable to be happy and alone than unhappy and with someone else.

Those remarks should comfort Paige Lorenze, who has established herself as a prominent influencer and has recently been forced out of another relationship. Although it may have been worse, nothing seems pleasant right now. Who was the boyfriend of Paige Lorenze? Keep reading!

Who was Paige Lorenze’s boyfriend?

Tyler Cameron, a participant on Season 15 of The Bachelorette, was Paige Lorenze’s most recent, albeit brief, link. He certainly did not win Hannah Brown’s hand, but he was the runner-up, which is another way of saying the first loser, as we all know! Ask Paige how she feels about it if you believe we’re being too harsh on Tyler.

Paige claims that Tyler was taking advantage of her to gain social standing, according to Page Six (or, as we like to call it, Paige Six). Paige shared several hypotheses regarding Tyler’s motivations while Paige was a guest on the Sofia With An F podcast. Paige told Sofia, “I felt like he wanted some media storm.

Tyler didn’t like Paige’s Instagram stories getting more views than his own. It seems highly weird that Paige would have had to tell Tyler that information.

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Can somebody let Tyler know that Controversy is available to stream on Hulu? Paige stated that Tyler’s response to the social media snub was to tell her he “wanted a scandal.” Paige continued, “I think his eagerness to announce our connection so early was rooted in the notion that he is “launching something soon.” If that’s true, Tyler might as well launch himself into the sun.

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Paige Lorenze has had a less-than-stellar dating history

We don’t want to point the finger at Paige Lorenze for doing what many others have done: dating some awful people. She discussed being in the news because of her past relationships on Sofia’s podcast, which is part of why she believes Tyler approached her. She made charges against disgraced actor Armie Hammer in January 2021, telling The Daily Mail that he had carved an “A” into her thigh.

On September 2 on Discovery Plus, a new docuseries examining the tragic past of Armie Hammer’s family is scheduled to debut. Even though we don’t know if Paige will appear in the show, it’s possible that her allegations of abuse will bring her back into the media spotlight.

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Before Hammer, Paige dated the country music performer Morgan Wallen, who also engaged in some inappropriate behavior. According to Us Magazine, the couple started dating in the summer of 2021 and went on to make their relationship on social media public in February 2022. After Wallen was caught on television using a racial slur, their connection developed. On February 2, 2021, TMZ posted a video of Wallen leaving for home after spending the night out with pals in Nashville. Before going inside his house, he told one of his friends, “Take care of this p****-ass n*****.”

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Again, we don’t like to hold women accountable for the deeds of males, and this circumstance is not comparable to Armie Hammer’s. So please feel free to avoid dating racists.