She Stepped In To Help When Cashier Smirked At Couple Who Couldn’t Afford Groceries…

After paying for my groceries today I was preparing to walk away, and I see the cashier rolling her eyes and sucking her teeth as a young lady, and young man, (who obviously didn’t have a lot of money) were putting up their groceries, I had a really strong feeling that I was supposed to stay close to these youngsters, Well I stayed and watched as the cashier slammed through their things, the final total was $123.40.

The young girl looked nervous but scanned her food stamp card and again the cashier rolled her eyes and smirked when it came back that the balance was only $95.30 on the card and she took great pleasure in repeating this, so I stepped up and said, “First of all, you need to lower your voice, and second, I’m gonna help them out and don’t you roll your eyes at me I’m not a young girl.” She didn’t say a word. I took out my coupons and stood there very slowly went through all three of my coupon carriers, after finding what I could for these young people I hand them to the cashier then gave her my E-card so they got double the coupons and it really seemed to piss the cashier off, the young lady and young man were so excited because they not only had enough but the $123.40 went down to $68.22. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had young people jumping on me so happy and excited.

After they had packed up and we were walking away I looked at the cashier and said: “Why?” She looked like she was gonna cry but said nothing! People, what does it take to change the very essence of ignorance? Why is it easier for some to hate or belittle than to love and encourage? What did it cost me to help these young people, NOTHING but some coupons that I can just print up more?

Just pay it forward people!

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