Pit Bull Unable To Contain His Sheer Joy When His Rescued

Mojo was three months old when Joey Wagner discovered the conditions in which he was living. He tried to save the puppy with a severe case of demodectic mange, but Mojo’s state of health was too severe.

That’s where Wagner came in. One of the creators of the non-profit Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia, Wagner moved Mojo quickly to an animal hospital. At this point, according to Mojo’s Facebook page, Mojo only had hours left to live.

dog reunited with rescuer

Applications for his adoptions poured in, and why not? It’s difficult to see his little face and not want to give him the best life imaginable.

dog reunited with rescuer

Unfortunately, because of the severity of his case, ordinary adoptions were not considered. Instead, Mojo was unknowingly greeted by his future human on the day he became well enough to leave his friends at the vet.

dog reunited with rescuer

It was a bittersweet moment for his caretakers, who had fallen in love with the puppy.

Mojo was still hairless, but nothing could hinder his puppy spirit. The video shows the moment Mojo reunited with Wagner, who decided to make his adoption official. We think it’s safe to say the little guy recognized the man who saved his life.

Today, Mojo is a big, happy boy at three years old. His coat never fully returned, but he doesn’t let it bother him one bit. All he knows is joy, love, and snuggles with his forever family and his furry siblings.

dog reunited with rescuer


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