Armie Hammer Net Worth Revealed 2022

armie hammer net worth

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the globe witnessed Armie Hammer’s meteoric rise and fall. Several women came forward with allegations of abuse against the Social Network star after screenshots purportedly showing the actor expressing interest in cannibalistic violence and rape fantasies to previous sexual partners were published online.

The Los Angeles Police Department has been investigating allegations that Hammer committed sexual assault as recently as last month. Without a doubt, for these and other reasons, Hammer is essentially blacklisted in the Hollywood film industry. Just how much money does he have right now? Look at the information we have regarding his money situation.

What is Armie Hammer net worth?

Hammer established himself as a major Hollywood player through numerous film appearances. The problem is that his family has been well-known for the past century. Armand Hammer, Hammer’s grandfather, was a successful American businessman and entrepreneur who founded the Occidental Petroleum firm in 1957 and led it until his death in 1990. The Hammers have shown themselves as successful businesspeople, but how wealthy is the actor himself?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of about $10 million.

armie hammer net worth

Armie Hammer has worked as a timeshare salesman in the Cayman Islands

According to a report in Variety, Hammer abandoned his acting career in the aftermath of the claims against him. He is now focusing on selling time-shares. Indeed, “He is currently selling timeshares at the resort where he is employed. He is now seated in a cubicle “A Variety Explained Source. The truth is that he has no money and is desperately looking for ways to support his family in this way.

armie hammer net worth

When Hammer and his then-wife Elizabeth Chambers divorced in 2021, LA Mag reports that he sold their Los Angeles property for $5 million. Variety’s source also revealed that before selling timeshares, Hammer worked as the manager of an apartment complex.

armie hammer net worth

Reportedly moved to the Cayman Islands so he could be closer to his two children, who are currently living with Elizabeth. Armie himself spent some of his formative years in the area.