Family Of 10 Turns Down 5-Bedroom Home At The Expense Of The Taxpayers

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It seems like half of America wants to become largely subsidized for issues such as healthcare, food, housing, and school, while the other half (perhaps the half who is heavily taxed to pay for all these “free” services for others) are adamantly against it.

But regardless of your stance, one thing you cannot deny is that shameless abuse of these systems when set up has become rampant. And as the US moves more and more towards the “socialized” models of the UK and many EU and Scandinavian countries, we would be wise to at least take a look at how far some swindlers will take their demands on the government for ever more free stuff.

One such family has gotten a lot of news attention recently. Father Arnold Malle Sube moved with his wife Jeanne and their eight children back in 2012, coming from France to England amid the “open borders” concept of pre-Brexit Britain.

Sube reportedly came over to study nursing at the University of Bedfordshire, which sounds fine, until you hear what he and his family expected to be provided for them at no cost whatsoever: to them, anyway.

Initially offered a five-bedroom home (which many families of any size would be thrilled to occupy), the family refused and told the city’s council that they would rather stay in a hotel. Rather than give them a “take it or leave it” demand, the council acquiesced to the family’s demands, and at taxpayer expense, not only paid for the hotel, but for all their room service-ordered meals as well.

That hotel bill came to more than $50,000 after four months.

Eventually, the family ended up in a three-bedroom home, but they are far from appreciative. They are demanding six large bedrooms, according the UK news site the Daily Mail.

Sub says that the family is “cramped and the conditions are terrible. Everyone is sleeping everywhere and my wife is sleeping with the baby so I am on the sofa. I am homeless in my home now.”

Before you shed a tear for this family’s “plight,” be advised that in addition to the free housing, they receive $60,000 for benefits, plus child tax credits (for taxes they apparently do not even pay).

In a level of hubris that we can only describe as gob smacking, the dad has now hired a lawyer (no doubt also be paid for by working Brits’ taxes), to fight for a larger home for the oversized family. When asked about that initial five-bedroom offer, Arnold says that “it didn’t even have a dining room.”

Even the accommodating Luton City Council is growing wearing of this freeloading family’s demands.

After a generous offer on our part, we have done our bit and if housing is offered and declined without, what we judge, good reason, then we will offer property to another family,” the council said via written statement.

Apparently, finding any five-bedroom in the small city is hard enough, let alone getting one for free. By the way, the Subes current rental is valued at $185,000, and the $20,000 a year for rent for the family of eight is entirely government (i.e., taxpayer) subsidized.

But gratitude, as the old platitude goes, is the least deeply felt emotion.

“My children are starting school and we can’t stay here any longer. The council is trying to make things hard for us. My wife is a full-time mother and I am a student. They’re just making excuses,” says the nursing student.

Perhaps it’s time for the city council to say “I see London, I see France, if you don’t like your free house, back to your homeland advance.”


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