What Does “You’re Done Meme” Mean on TikTok?

If you’re looking for the most entertaining social media trends, go no further than TikTok. The Flip the Switch Challenge and the Fold Challenge are just two examples of how creative content providers are finding new methods to entertain their consumers. You’re Done meme seems to be following suit, as seen by the current trend.

As a result, what precisely do people mean when they say, “You’re done?” You’ll find out in a moment if you stick around.

When a person has gone too far, TikTok’s “You’re Done” fad is all about getting them back.

A lot of the funniest things you’ll see are generated by the TikTok community. When it comes to short-form video, the You’re Done meme fad has taken the internet by storm.

When it comes to preventing someone from going too far, Her Campus recommends the “You’re Done” trend on TikTok. A good opportunity to cut someone off and declare, “you’re done,” is when they’re exchanging insults and bringing up their parents.

The “You’re Done” trend, therefore, comes in handy when you need to put an end to anything troubling. The trend’s originator is none other than @kittykatkittykatpur, who started it all.

@kittykatkittykatpurur dun♬ original sound – kat

It’s not a good idea to try to pop a zit on someone else’s face in a TikTok video. The companion turns around and says, “You’re done, you’re done,” as he realizes what’s going to happen.

TikTok’s new fad was created instantly.

TikTok’s “You’re Done” trend has become a major hit.

@somecurlyhairedkid like bro.. i am not caucasian plz gtf off of me. 💀💀💀 #fypシ #viral ♬ original sound – kat

The producers on TikTok are some of the funniest around, and the videos they’re putting together with this audio are pure gold. One of our favorites is TikToker Alljaybe! A video of him discussing the moment when he first allowed someone to touch his beautiful curly hair was posted online. It’s just a matter of time until they go too far. Someone can be seen running their fingers through the man’s hair while he watches the footage. There is no doubt in my mind that you have completed your task.

Over 86,000 people have liked and watched Alljyabe’s take on the trend thus far.

In addition to the “You’re Done” audio, TikToker Nate Honey has also prepared a hilarious video. He seems to be on the phone with someone he loves on his TikTok. He’s interrupted by his buddy, who says she wants to talk to them. When the buddy picks up the phone, she begins to ramble on about things she doesn’t need to. So, you know what’s going to happen next – you’re done!

Nate’s video now has 86,300 views and more than 316,00 views on YouTube.

@nateehoney everytime be getting ahead of herself 😩😩 #fyp #funnyy ♬ original sound – kat

The “You’re Done” movement, on the other hand, holds TikTok in a vise-like grip. The “You’re Done” fad on TikTok is likely to be around for a while due to the versatility of the catchy melody.