Here’s How To Do “Barbie Bratz Or Fairy” TikTok Trend

The “Bratz, Barbie or Fairy” trend on TikTok is exactly what it says in the title. TikTok users are categorizing friends into three types of categories: people who are like Barbie dolls, people who embody Bratz dolls, and fairy-like folks.

barbie bratz or fairy

It’s unclear who started this trend, but many people have posted videos with audio from a March 24th TikTok post by @helin.dxski. and the video is by Summer Walker featuring NO1-NOAH “White Tee”.

TikTok users are dressing up like Bratz dolls, Barbie, and fairies following the trend. Buzzfeed Community contributor astrologykait3 poses the following questions in her quiz: “What kind of vibe do you give off?” Bratz, Barbie, and Fairy as three possible answers. The following are the question: How would you spend your day off? What’s a must-have for every outfit? What was your favorite thing to watch growing up? Where would you grab lunch with your friends? Then, you have selected your answer from these selections: Choose your favorite social media app, pick a bedroom theme, choose your favorite drink, describe your dream home, choose your dream job, and choose an era to live in. After answering the questions, the result will determine your vibe.

For some, the “Bratz, Barbie or Fairy” videos were among many that went viral on TikTok in recent months.

@katiekelleyyy The accuracy is astounding @ktdb @natashasandhu1 #bratz #barbie #fairy #bffs #WidenTheScreen ♬ white tee – theplutoaudios

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