Future Mother-In-Law Asked Her To Postpone Her Wedding Because Her Husband Was In Jail

So my future father-in-law has just had two MORE felonies to his record and is looking at 11-12 years in prison.

My fiancé and I have a 6-month-old daughter and have been planning a wedding that was supposed to be in September of this year.

My future mother-in-law is trying to convince my fiancé to force me into postponing the wedding and even went as far as saying that we can’t have any more children until her husband is out of prison so that he doesn’t miss anything.

I feel sick thinking about waiting 11-12 more years to marry someone that I’ve been with for 7 years already. I DEFINITELY don’t want to postpone having more children just so that he doesn’t miss it. Am I sure? I mean, my daughter could be 12 by the time she sees him again, and I’m not waiting 12 more years to grow our family.

We already have a venue, my dress, invitations have been sent, I have family flying into town.

I may be selfish here, but I just don’t feel as though we should be punished just because his father decided that being a criminal was more important than watching his first grand daughter grow up and watching his only son getting married. I just feel as though he should have been thinking of his family. My fiancé has a sister that will turn 10, and she could be 22 by the time he’s out. Should she not graduate or go to college or get her license so that her dad doesn’t miss it while he’s serving time for his 6th felony?

Thankfully, my fiancé is not having any of it and has had enough of his mother and her relationship with a man who he doesn’t really know. His own dad long since divorced his mom and is happy to attend the wedding. We took his advice and are absolutely planning to go ahead with the wedding and to have a child.

If his mom can’t accept that, she doesn’t have to come to the wedding. I hope I am not being selfish here?

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