9 Reasons Why Some Of The Best Women Out There Have Bad Dating Lives

Take a look at your group of girlfriends. Can you pinpoint the one friend who seems perpetually unlucky in love? Moreover, she is probably one of the most intelligent, and beautiful woman you know.

As it turns out, it might just be those amazing qualities that are keeping her from finding love.

women bad dating lives

Here is the reason why…

1. She has built-in BS repellent.

Your beautiful best friend can probably detect anything toxic from a mile away. Therefore, men looking for a woman to accept their bad behavior will steer clear. Many would consider this no-tolerance policy a good thing, or it may make them miss out on a solid relationship. Everyone is going to disappoint you at some point or another and giving someone a second chance is not only healthy, it’s necessary.

2. She is intimidating.

Some men have no idea how to handle intimidating women, never mind date them. People sometimes perceive confidence as arrogance and allow their feelings to be skewed by their own insecurity. If you think people are intimidated by you, own it. Be kind, strong and unapologetically you.

women bad dating lives

3. She’s independent AF

If a man cannot handle a girl having her independence, he is not worth a second thought.

Truth be told, some men desire to be needed in the relationship. So, when a woman can handle her own business and doesn’t need him, it is a huge blow to the ego. His insecurity in his manhood can be crippling to the relationship.

women bad dating lives

4. You’re not getting anything past her.

You cannot get anything past this girl because she is always on her game. She can hear lies coming out of your mouth before you’ve even spoken. So why waste her time and yours?

women bad dating lives

5. She’s very picky.

A picky woman does not mean she’s judgmental; more often than not it just means she just knows what she wants and she knows what she doesn’t want.

women bad dating lives

6. She’s very intense.

She sometimes may not have control over her intensity. She’s an intense lover, storyteller, friend, and communicator. Her life is an open book and her transparency can be overwhelming to those that don’t share the same level of passion.

7. She has serious life goals.

Women who are busy making their dreams come true focus less on love, and more on reaching personal milestones. Be that career, fitness, or academia, her motivation is intense.

8. She’s the most mature woman in the room.

She is balanced, doesn’t gossip and does not dwell on negativity. She likes who she is and she’s not changing for anyone.

9. She’s the diamond just below the surface waiting to be discovered.

If a man knows what he’s looking for when he finds her, he will be glad she was waiting. Waiting patiently for him, just below the surface.

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