Annoyed Shopper Has No Problem Teaching Rude Person About Proper Store Checkout Etiquette…

A few years ago, my mother was at a busy grocery store. She had about a third of a cart… Lady (I’ll call her AW for Awesome Woman) in front of her had a full cart.

Note, this was a normal lane, not an express one. Some idiotic woman (IW for short) cut in front of AW.

AW – What do you think you are doing?!

IW – I only have a few things. I’m in a rush.

AW – I don’t care. There’s a line.

-Cue cat butt face-

IW – I shouldn’t have to wait behind 2 bigger orders for a few things.

AW – Get. In. The. Back. Of. The. Line.

IW – Goes to the back of the line, within hearing range.

AW – Turns to my Mom.

AW – Sweety, you have less than me. Why don’t you go ahead of me?

Mom – Oh, Um… I don’t…

AW – Oh no honey, you’re fine. -giggles- I would have let her go ahead if she would have just asked instead of cutting in like an entitled b**ch.

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