He Stunned His Future Mother-In-Law After His First Visit…

He drove 6 hours to visit his future mother-in-law who lived in a dilapidated farm house. What he saw in their house left with no option but to take matters into his own hands.

We drove 6 hours to vist her Mom and grandmother in a dilapidated little farm house. Her mother is the main caretaker, they don’t have the money for hospice because one of the children stole it all. No one has been there to upkeep the house since the grandfather died amd it is falling apart.

Grandma has a dog that is unnaturally attached to her, she got pneumonia months back and the dog chewed its way through the door to the garage so it could be next to her. It had continued chewing it up. I hung a new door.
The sink was spraying water out of the base of the faucet, arcing up 2 feet. I replaced that and bleached the shit out of the undersink.

Her toilet was shooting water out the back, hornets had been getting in to the house over the summer and her Mom is allergic. I patched siding on the roof and pumped 4 cans of spray foam along the gaps.
We cleaned the weird shit growing on the bottom of the fridge.

I’ve seen loved ones fall to dementia and cancer. It scares to fuck out of me. I had no idea how to act in front of her grandmother, she was asleep the first day we were there and in/out the second. I would have fixed more, but I didnt want to scare her with loud banging.

When we left I was giving my gf a hard time, telling her mom she jived me all the time and she needs to teach her some respect(this sounds horrible in himdsight, but was funny at the time).
Her grandmother started laughing and said ‘ohhhh noo!!’

That right fucking there made the 12 hour round trip, driving 2 hours to get a part for the sink, sleeping on an air matress, my daughter puking in the car twice, and the horrible rural water shits made it all worth it.
Making that woman laugh filled me with something I can’t describe.

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