This Couple Had A Wedding Coming Up

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Somewhere around his heaviest weight of 252 pounds, Matt Bradley decided to treat his body differently. And 93 pounds later, he is so glad he did. The 23-year-old chef made the decision to lose weight after getting engaged to his girlfriend, Hannah.

The two led a life of eating meals out and snacking but decided to make a change. They began planning their meals, eating more vegetables and embracing a different set of priorities.

Bradley also took up running, eventually completing a 10K. At his next doctor appointment, the man didn’t even recognize Bradley because he’d lost so much weight.

After months of work, Hannah had lost 40 pounds and Bradley clocked in at a final weight of just under 160 pounds.



In their wedding pictures, the couple smiles brilliantly. Their faces are those of happy, successful people who reached a seemingly unattainable goal.

Now, they’re completely sold on the healthy life. There’s no going back for this fit couple.


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