Questions Can Only Be Answered By A Schizophrenic Or A Genius

Psychiatrists admit that it is nearly impossible to differentiate between a normal person and a person with schizophrenia by just appearance. Many of the psychiatric tests and methods used to find out what is going on in the patient’s head, can determine whether he or she needs help.

Below are two simple questions for you that can be answered only by a schizophrenic or by an extraordinary genius personality.

1. Is the mask convex on one side or two?

2. Is the mask rotating in one direction or in two?

schizophrenic test

1. The mask is convex only on one side.

2. The mask is rotating in the right direction.

If you answered both questions wrong, you are completely healthy.! If you answered one of the questions correct, you might want to explore the idea of chatting with a psychiatrist.

The brain of a healthy person tends toward self-deceit. It takes into account artificial forms and extra shadows, “correcting” the picture. We accept the illusion, whether we want to or not.

People with schizophrenia simply don’t have this imaging capability because their brains cannot establish the connection between the details. They see the mask as it is because, for them, the mask is concave and rotates in one direction.

What difference does genius make?

Schizophrenia and genius are not entirely different. Genius personalities possess both types of thinking: that of a healthy person as well as the schizophrenic one and can switch between the types of thinking. They can see the illusion the same way a normal person sees it, but they also see the catch immediately. If they want to, their brain may stop perceiving the deceit.

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