If You Have Chronic Fatigue Issues, Put Your Fingers Here To Activate Meridian Lines…

Chronic fatigue syndrome is about unexplained fatigue. The problem with this syndrome: it doesn’t get better with rest.

Experts believe that this syndrome is indicated with a variety of various factors including problems with the immune system, hormones, and viral infections.

Chronic fatigue affects different body parts and creates the following problems:

– Interrupted Sleep

– Constant and Nagging Headaches

– Unrelenting Fatigue

– A nagging sore throat

– Memory Loss and Concentration

– Muscle Stress and Pains

– Enlarged lymph nodes( neck and armpits)

– Joint Pain

– Depression

– Prolonged Tiredness either Mental or Physical, or both

Using Meridian Lines

meridian lines

Meridian lines or the so-called energy highways/pathways actually originate from Chinese medicine. These lines host the “Qi” (chee) energy flows. There’s a map of these meridians over the whole human body. they correspond to certain acupuncture points.

According to some research of the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, these meridian lines

“describe the overall energy distribution system and, help us to understand how basic substances of the body (Qi, blood and body fluids) permeate the whole body.”

Since meridian lines are based on the flow of energy through our body, many people have tried this ancient healing practice in order to deal with their health issues.

The Triple Burner Or Triple Warmer

Allegedly, the supposed energy line is placed behind ears. It is known as “Triple Burner Meridian” or “Triple Warmer” and is connected with chronic fatigue and depression problems. This line connects and controls all organs as well as the hormonal distribution system.

The triple warmer originates from the body’s ‘heating’ system that works on the balance between body, spirit, and mind. When triple warmer over energizes, the energy starts to leak from our immune system and to turn itself into chronic fatigue syndrome.

Instead of asking for professional help, you can use the following self-help techniques to stimulate triple warmer meridian.

Strategy Number 1:

– Put the left fingers under the left knee. Simultaneously, put the right fingers above your left elbow. Soon, you’ll feel the pulse in these areas.

– If you hold the previously described points for some time, the pulses will synchronize. This is a sign that you can change to the other knee and elbow. In case you can’t feel the synchronized rhythm of the two pulses, hold it for a few more minutes.

– Repeat this on the other side (right hand below the right knee, left hand above the right elbow). Again, you should hold until you feel the synchronized pulses or, hold this pose 2 more minutes.

Strategy Number 2:

– Put the left fingers just at the indent on the outside of your left baby toe. Simultaneously, put the right fingers exactly between your base knuckles on the left hand, between your little and ring finger. Hold like this until you feel the synchronized pulses and when you feel the pulses, hold this pose for 2 minutes.

– Repeat this pose on the right side (right hand at right baby toe, left hand at base knuckles of the right hand).

These techniques can help you to get rid of chronic fatigue, but you should also pay attention to your lifestyle. Dealing with stress in the most effective way possible is critical to a healthy life!

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