His Wife Left Him And Their New Baby After She Was Born

This man and her daughter really had the worst luck when it came to his wife and her mom. But how he decided to raise his own daughter is gold.

Well, my daughter is four now and her mother (my ex) left us when she was 8 months. During a pregnancy check up the doctor notified us that the mother had contracted Chlamydia. I was checked and was safe (still had to take meds for a bit to be safer) but she admitted to sleeping around and put our unborn child at risk. Then, due to guilt or whatever, she admitted to smoking pot while pregnant as well.

My ex had a history of drug abuse and I’m pretty sure she was hiding a lot more. I had caught her in lies all throughout our relationship and in retrospect should have moved on, but you can’t help who you love I guess.

Things are much better now. My ex had another kid and got married and doesn’t contract our daughter, but it’s really for the best> I have primary custody and my daughter is healthy as ever, thankfully. I absolutely loathe her mother, but I grew up with my father constantly bashing my mother and it pissed me off. My own mother never once talked bad about my dad despite his assholery. If my daughter has questions, I’ll answer them, but I won’t break her heart with all the details. All I can do is be there for her and give her the best life I can. Took me a long time to figure that out.

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