After Witnessing A Large Gathering, Police Officer Posts This Online

My partner and I saw a nice size family party on Father’s Day. Live DJ, food and young boys playing basketball. We turned down the street, put our lights on, and go out of the car. The whole party stopped, and the kids moved out of the way. I responded with ‘who wants to play a game of PIG?’

My partner and I then had 5-7 adults telling the kids to get out of the streets, and they didn’t want any problems. I said, “hey, we’re not here to shut down the party, we’re here to be apart of it” The look on all their faces was something neither of us could describe.

My basketball skills may not be on point, but the opportunity to have the community realize you’re a person too, not just someone in uniform, is the most rewarding. I told the kids we would be back for round 2 in a few weeks!

fathers day party

The negative news may get all the mainstream coverage, but the generosity and sincerity shown by our hometown police officers every day are what America’s officers in blue are truly like.


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