He Never Expected The Officer To Do This To A Helpless Man

The below letter and pictures were sent to our watch commander at the Victorville Station; we’ll say no more and let you read it.

Dear Sir,

My name is Mr. Haston, and I wanted to share this short story with you involving one of your deputies; Deputy Sims. I was traveling westbound on Bear Valley Rd about 11:00 am this morning and noticed a deputy sitting on a bus bench next to an elderly man who himself was sitting in a wheelchair. The scene led my thoughts to believe that the deputy was paying honor and respect to this gentleman, almost as a friend would, perhaps just keeping him company as he waited for the bus to arrive. I was in no particular rush, so I circled back around through a lot of traffic…I enjoy scenes like this.

Thank you, Sir, for the integrity of this man under your supervision. Well done! Thank you, Deputy Sims for your service.

I have one question. Where are the news cameras when these kind services are rendered?
Be safe. Stay safe.

-Mr. Haston

Thank you, Mr. Haston, for going above and beyond to witness this act, we truly appreciate your support and receiving this letter.

good police officer

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