If You See One Of These In A Public Restroom, Leave Immediately And Report It

Technology is currently moving at the speed of light with new products and gadgets being developed daily. While new products are being released into the market, there is a good number of people using them to violate others and engaging in criminal activity.

A perfect example of this is the spy camera. The spy camera is hidden inside a wall hook that records people in the bathroom, hotel rooms, and changing rooms. Women, in particular, have been recorded without their knowledge.

What is even more terrifying is the fact that these spy camera hooks are easy to purchase by criminals.

#1. This wall coat hook looks inconspicuous at first glance, but these ordinary hooks but are meant for a much darker purpose. Notice the double hooks. These are not usually the standard in coat hooks.

hidden camera wall hook

#2. They are easily attached to any wall in places like a public bathroom, a gym changing room, or a hotel room.

If you ever see this type of hook, leave immediately and contact authorities.

hidden camera wall hook

#3. The video camera can be set to either manual or motion-activated recording. This small tech is affordable and easy for anyone to purchase.

hidden camera wall hook

#4.You would never suspect this coat hook is actually hiding a camera.

The camera can record for 120 minutes continuously.

hidden camera wall hook

#5. The camera has a charger and transfer cable.

The hook looks like any other found at a hardware store.

hidden camera wall hook