Officer Pulled Her Over And Ended Up Saving Her Son’s Life

At about 3:00 this morning I was driving my 1-year-old child to the hospital because he was having a hard time breathing.

I ended up getting pulled over by 19th and Nebraska St. due to having a tail light and license plate light out. As the deputy was telling me why he pulled me over, I explained to him where I was going. He opened up the back door to my vehicle and heard my sons labored breathing and told me to go ahead and get to the hospital. The officer that pulled me over was deputy Kyle Cleveringa.

He followed me to the hospital, helped me carry my things into the ER, offered to hold my son while I filled out paper work, gave my son a stuffed toy truck, and was helping to comfort him by talking to him and giving him “hi-fives.” My family and I are very thankful for deputy Cleveringa and everything he did for my son and I this morning.

He went above and beyond, and I cannot thank him enough. Could you please make sure he reads this and is made aware of how grateful we are that he pulled me over and helped me through that terrifying situation? Thank you so much, Kyle!

P.S. My son is fine, and I will fix those lights asap! Thank you again!!

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