Police Officer Posted This Online After Stopping An Elderly Driver

“Tonight while I was out riding around looking for something to eat, I was riding on 1-10, and I noticed this elderly lady driving by herself headed towards Florida. I noticed that she was weaving all over her lane and at one point she nearly side swiped a truck to her right, they blew the horn, and she eased over to the other lane so I decided to pull her over to check on her.

I got her stopped, and she told me that she was trying to make it to Pensacola, so I asked where she was coming from, and she stated she was coming from San Antonio. She told me that she was okay and that she could make to Pensacola, so I advised her that she wasn’t gonna make it driving like that, so I asked when was the last time she ate anything, and she told me around lunch time, so I escorted her to Waffle House.

I sat outside in the car until she finished eating. She walked out and tried to offer me some money, but I told her I couldn’t accept that because it’s part of my job to protect and serve, so she asked me would I accept a hug and I told her I would do that.

helping someone in need

The Moral of the story is we just look out for each other this would be a better country. I guess I don’t have to work for a Major Police Department to be able to help someone in need… I still Love this Job!

This kind officer proves that there is more than one way to “protect and serve” members of his community, even with something as simple as a meal at a diner.

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