After Son Overheard His Mom Asking His Grandmother For Money, He Gave Her His Savings

A young man who a single mom raised had no idea how to pay back his mother for all the things she did for him. When he was a teenager working at a job, he did something she would never forget.

My dad died when I was young, and my mom had to raise me alone. She had never asked for help from her mother-in-law, but for the most part, my mom was a woman who had to take on several jobs at once to keep paying the rent for our house, my education, and food for all three of us.

I remember when I was 17 years old and working part-time at a local packing store for like a year.. Not making much, just enough to buy me a new computer after all that time. My mom is talking to my grandma, and I overhear them asking my grandma for money because she needed some to pay for her hernia surgery.

They needed money for a house payment. We had insurance, but I knew she’d have to develop something.
Well, I decided to put the money in my mom’s saving bottle. It was like $600 something. I remember her calling my grandma, saying she had found money and didn’t need to borrow any. It made me feel good I could repay them for raising me and keeping a roof over my head.
Four years later. I’d do it over again in a second.