Woman Having Surgery Asked A Stranger To Nurse Her Baby

So last Friday night while I was carving and building a cake, I received a random text from one of my friends asking if I could feed a strangers baby.

Was there ever a question? The baby’s mother was having surgery, and the baby is exclusively breastfed and refused a bottle. When the baby arrived, you could tell she was hungry and exhausted and just needed some milk.

I did what I hope any person would do for my child in a time of despair. I fed a strangers baby. I was so surprised by just how many people thought it was weird, or unnatural. They are boobs; they are meant to feed babies.

Also, in case anyone forgot, they are mine, so I’m fairly certain I choose what happens with them. Regardless, I took an amazing photo tandem nursing these two babies together, and it shows that hungry babies don’t care, they just need to be fed.

breastfeed strangers baby

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