He Secretly Helped A Family Who Lost Everything

My friend has been there for me ever since we met. His family became second to my own, and they shower me with complete, unconditional, love. The youngest of the family has even become a little brother I never had. He wants me to come to all his sporting events and just go to the store with him when he wants to pick up some yu-gi-oh cards. There is honestly nothing I could do to repay them for what they have done for me or what they continue to do for me.

So, when I heard that their mom got rear-ended and had their car totaled, I got worried. Though they are blessed with overflowing love, money is not one thing they have much of and has always been a struggling concern. A neighbor let them borrow their car, but they could not borrow it forever, and if they did not get the funds for a new one soon, then they would have no way to commute to work or run errands. This financial situation put stress in their lives. I heard fights and high tension. They already had so many other things that needed to be addressed: the bottom of their oven has corroded out, their AC unit was filled with black mold and had to be removed and needed to be replaced, multiple plumbing issues kept occurring, and many other things. They live a very simple life with the only luxury I can think of, Netflix. Hell, they can’t even afford a Thanksgiving turkey, so they make spaghetti since the cost per serving is minimal.

I have also learned they don’t celebrate any holidays or birthdays, in the traditional sense. They acknowledge them and observe them, but they can’t afford gifts or any additional expenses that would include decorations, festivities, or presents.

Last year I bought their whole family presents for Christmas. Most were simple, but the smile and joy it brought them were what truly mattered. Truth be told, I could tell their Dad was sad that day because in some way he felt that he had failed them, or perhaps, simply let them down because he wished he could have given them gifts.

However, I have digressed. This family has given me more love and more joy than I could even imagine. So the $2k I got a neighbor to give them in a blank envelope still feels like I shorted them. Now, I am by no means a rich man. I have a grand total of $6k to my name. But this was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made. I love these people, so it was the least I could do. And knowing them, they’ll continue to pass that love on too. Also, the cute blue car they got makes me smile every time I see how happy they are to have it.

I will never tell them it was me, and if they ask, I will deny it. It does not matter, nor do I wish for them, to feel as if they owe me something because I know they would want to pay me back. Even if it took several lifetimes. I did it because I love them and because of the love, they have shown me. No reason in ever messing that up for some simple pieces of paper.

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