Two Heroes Rescued Her When She Had A Flat Tire Late At Night

A woman whose car broke down on a lonely stretch of road during a winter storm had trouble getting her tires fixed. When a car pulled up with two men, she never expected them to do this.

Last Christmas I decided to surprise a friend of mine who was spending Christmas alone. She lived around 3 hours from my home, and so I set off on the drive. It was around midnight, as I was about an hour from her house when I got a flat tire.

I had changed multiple times before, but my Mom’s car had always suffered from being sort of…awful. Either way, I started to work on the tire attempting to take the hubcap off to get to the screws. I didn’t have a hat or gloves, and it was slow going. After about 45 minutes of failure at the hands of the tire, and freezing, I assumed I’d be stranded here all Christmas.

As soon as I had decided to give up, I heard a loud noise behind me. A car had pulled in beside me, and two men got out. They asked me if I was ok, and if I needed any help. I explained that I’d been at it for an hour, and I had it, it was just taking a long time (I’m too prideful for my own good.) They realized I was soaked from being in the snow, so they told me to get in their car and they’d change the tire for me. I immediately burst into tears right in front of these two strangers.

I climbed into the backseat, and they gave me a blanket they had stored in the trunk, a thermos with hot coffee and changed the tire rather quickly. I just sort of sat there wiping away tears and chatting with one of the men. They were great guys and had apparently turned all the way around from their route to help me.

When I asked how could I thank them, they just laughed and said to make sure to help people in need.

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