Woman Busted In Self-Checkout Scam

Kylie Milner of Ipswich, Australia was caught in a scheme where she stole over $4500 from different supermarkets in her area. She was able to do this with the aid of photocopies and self-scanners.

She photocopied the barcodes of 65 cents and 72 cent packs of noodles and printed them onto sticky labels. She would then go to the supermarket, and simply cover the labels with her cheaper versions and scan the items through like normal.

She was able to sneak through items like coffee machines, protein powders, and expensive meats. She was finally caught after managers had noticed how nervous she was at the self check-outs. She eventually admitted to successfully doing this 31 times.

self checkout scam

Milner was convicted and sent to jail for nine months for 31 counts of fraud, but the sentence was suspended for three years. Her lawyer used the defense that she was bankrupt, but the court orders her to pay $1,545 to Coles and $2,070 to Woolworths.

Businesses are cracking down on self check-out theft due to the increase of problems they have been having. Police said that customers can “swipe everything as carrots” because they do not have to interact with cashiers.

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