He Was Happy To Help The Homeless Man Who Tapped On His Window

This evening after work, I was approached by this guy in Tallaght Shopping Centre Car Park. As I sat in my car, he tapped on the window and said, excuse me sir but can you spare some change for a Burger, I’m Homeless! My first reaction was, No mate I’m sorry I’ve no change.

His reply “No problem sir and thanks very much, I apologize for asking you, have a great day, ” and he walked off across the car park. I paused for a minute, then looked to see where he was walking too. He actually walked towards McDonald’s in Tallaght Square. To me, this guy was genuine and hungry. My first thought, he’s maybe a Junkie looking to score his next fix. I drove out of the Shopping Centre and across to McDonald’s after him, to witness him looking on the ground for any coins. I pulled up beside him and said, sorry mate, but sometimes I’m skeptical of giving money to people who seem to be homeless and ask for spare change, my reason is, I think people just use the money for their next Fix or Alcohol. I apologized and I asked him If it’s OK, can I buy you that Burger in McDonald’s…his reply, “Thank you so much.” I parked up my car and walked into McDonald’s in Tallaght with this guy, who I now know as Nathan. I asked him his name and said order what you want off the menu. He ordered a Big Mac Meal, the customer assistant asked, Would you like to go Large….Nathan looked at me, and I smiled, I said, go ahead mate, no problem. “He even had the manners to ask” Nathan couldn’t stop saying thanks and when receiving his €6.99 Meal, he was so polite in asking the customer assistant for Salt and Ketchup. I asked Nathan was it ok if I joined him, we sat down and chatted for a few minutes. Nathan told me he lost his brother two years ago and his sister took her own life over a month ago. He is now sleeping rough at the back of a school or college, in a sleeping bag! My heart went out to this guy. I asked Nathan if it was ok to take his picture and post it up here to bring to the attention of the public that, not all homeless people are Junkies, or Thieves or Beggar’s…there is some who are genuinely suffering and need support. Where’s he going to get his next Meal from and what challenges does he continue to face daily? It only took 20 minutes of my time and a few euro to HELP this lad and actually sit and speak with him for a bit. When I got up to leave he said, thanks so much Liam and God Bless You…those few words meant a lot to me.

helping homeless

Now I know there will be a few Trolls who will think, this guy is trying to be a hero, well for anyone who really knows me, knows I’m not. I’m just trying to give one of our own Irish citizens a dig out. Who knows when your luck could change… Never judge a book by its cover!

Maybe my encounter today will give people a different view on life

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